The use of social media to share content in various fashions has become so prevalent today that artists cannot ignore this tool to disseminate rapidly images related to their practice. Those platforms allow them to impact and extend their audience with sometimes powerful network effects.

With this awareness and on a dare with my daughter I started my feed @arstydad a user name created after reflecting lightly on my age and practice.

From the start I draw parameters to organize and narrow the tool for the specific of my project. The first is a unique daily post. Then I wanted to share drawings only. I could describe those proto concepts written with color and graphite pencils as blueprints for my objects in space. This method shares a vision at the origination of the creative process, as seeds for my followers to contemplate

Currently tags and comments are fluid with only a date to pinpoint the drawing in time. Those parameters are subject to change as I develop further my project. To view and follow my feed visit Instagram @arstyday.


My practice

In his book Art Since 1940: Strategies of Being, Jonathan Fineberg presented the art of the last six decades of 20th century as a series of responses, made by men and women to the conditions of life encountered during their time. What struck me most in his view is that making art for those artists was at best a strategy of coming to terms with their moment in history.  

This idea of artmaking as a strategy of being resonated and took for me the form of a contemplation around shapes and colors practiced through many media. Currently it is drawings and paintings on paper as well as encaustics on ceramics sculptures that dominate the work.

 As principle I seek to keep in mind the guideline that where I am, is my studio. This attitude enables me to create a proactive mental space transcending physical locations. My practice is free of most external constrains as my work is not geared primarily towards the production of events such as commercial or institutional showings. I rather see it as a creative process where reified objects and images remains as witness. Those of course are to be shared and collected.

Working on a color pencil drawing in Windrift Hall 2018

Working on a color pencil drawing in Windrift Hall 2018