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“As far as I am concerned, the explaining artist puts himself or herself in front of the work for the purpose of destroying the mystery of how it came into being.”
—Ken Price.

"What kind of artist I am?
A flaneur in my contemplation, a bricoleur in my practice."
—Jean Louis Frenk

Ceramics Sculpture #007 Jean Louis Frenk

Biomorphic Color Interactions

The starting point of this series as often in my work is the container. Obviously for me as a ceramist it is a natural place to start. Metaphorically this concept is one of spatial relationships. Outside, Inside, Boundary. The viewer can imagine the formal qualities of the empty space by experiencing the shape of the border and the so generated volume. For me the container is then formally defined as a kind of folded surface which I perceived as a canvas or a place where painting and sculpture could meet.

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Art should be strong and nonconformist and most importantly,
art should always be personal.”
—Isa Genzken.

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