Jean Louis Frenk Portrait

About the artist

Ranging from assemblages with found objects to encaustic paintings and drawings, Jean Louis Frenk is best known today for his colorful and biomorphic ceramic sculptures.
The moment he set foot in a ceramic studio at age 10, he found his preferred medium to work with. Inspired by modern masters such as Paul Klee and Yves Tanguy, he utilized the grounding and healing qualities of clay to shape a world of his own.
Trained as a potter in Switzerland, his move to New York liberated and encouraged him to explore more otherworldly objects and images. Following into the footsteps of West Coast artists Peter Voulkos and Ken Prize he developed and shares his idiosyncratic views in multi-faceted expressions. Jean Louis Frenk has exhibited widely in the United States and internationally and continues to create art as totemic portals to other dimensions. Born in Lausanne, Switzerland, he lives and works now in Brooklyn and Upstate, NY.